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Learning is not "one size fits all".

Public education reform is one of the most difficult issues facing southern Nevada today.  Teachers are charged with educating a student population that is more diverse than ever.  Through its initiatives, Nevada PIE brings much-needed resources, training, support and appreciation to teachers who believe every student can succeed.

In Nevada, more than 10 percent of students receive special education services, nearly 20 percent have limited English language proficiency and more than 50 percent qualify for free or reduced-fee meals, an indicator of economic disadvantage. 

Tighter accountability measures are asking schools to make a difference with students that have traditionally been left behind.  To meet this challenge, schools must be places where all students can succeed. 

If we do not attend to this great need now, a generation of students will come of age without the technical, social and intellectual skills they need to work across differences, find common ground, and compete effectively in world markets.  The need for inclusive schools is far beyond giving children a fair shake in a world that we know; it is critical in preparing them to face tomorrows we can only imagine. 

"Children who learn together, learn to live together."