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  The purpose of education is to ensure that all students gain access to knowledge, skills, and information that will prepare them to contribute to America’s communities and workplaces.  The central purpose becomes more challenging as schools accommodate students with increasingly diverse backgrounds and abilities.  As we strive to meet these challenges, the involvement and cooperation of educators, parents, and community leaders is vital for the creation of better and more inclusive schools. 

 The Nevada Partnership for Inclusive Education (Nevada PIE) brings together the talents and resources of: 

 The Clark County School District, The Nevada System of Higher Education, The Public Education Foundation,

 parents, corporations and community leaders.

     This unique public-private partnership began in 2003 and has been recognized as a 

“National Role Model” by the U.S. Department of Education.   

2017-2018 Programs


Inclusive Practices Symposium-

This half-day professional development event, held on November 4th at UNLV, offered curriculum/training for both novice and experienced  educators on furthering inclusion on school campuses.

Inspirational Student Recognition-

This community-wide appreciation and recognition dinner, scheduled for March 2018, will recognize students who have excelled in an inclusive educational setting and the educators who inspire on their campuses.



 Nevada PIE has existed because of the generous support from many corporations, foundations and families across the community, including Caesars Entertainment, The Adelson Family Foundation, MGM Resorts International, The Dream Fund, NV Energy, Cash America/SuperPawn, United HealthCare, The Dave Rice Foundation, CenturyLink, The Public Education Foundation, Sunbelt Broadcasting Company, St. Rose Dominican Hospitals, and many more.  We extend sincere gratitude for their support and commitment to improving public education in their community.     




  • Chair: Joseph Morgan, Ph.D., Coordinator, Special Education Programs,  UNLV Department of Educational and Clinical Studies  
  • Tom Pierce, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, UNLV Department of Educational and Clinical Studies, immediate past chair
  • Rhonda Glyman, Founder
  • James Dumond, Vice President Chief Compliance and Ethics Officer,   Rock Gaming LLC
  • Sandy Miller, Former First Lady of Nevada
  • Annie Amoia, National Content Specialist, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
  • Susan Moore, Vice President, Leisure Sales, Caesars Entertainment
  • Kate Jacobs, Sales Department, American West Development
  • Julia Chavez, Director, Student Services Division, Clark County School District
  • Gordon Gilbert, parent advocate
  • Judy Machabee, Community Member
  • Stacey Allen, Executive Director, Ex-Officio


Words of Support


  “Because we find strength in diversity, Caesars supports community-based programs that serve a diverse population. Nevada PIE is a shining example of ‘best practices’ in our community: by bringing innovative ideas and resources to our schools, it is expanding possibilities for our diverse population and making a powerful difference in the lives of thousands of local students.” Jan Jones, Senior Vice President, Caesars Entertainment    

“The Clark County School District is so fortunate to have community partners in Nevada PIE! In order to increase student achievement, students must have access to grade level curriculum in a general education classroom. Nevada PIE promotes the inclusion of students and highlights the outstanding practices utilized in our classrooms. This is essential to ensure that ‘Every Student in Every Classroom, Without Exceptions, Without Excuses’ is ‘Ready by Exit!’ Pat Skorkowsky, Superintendent, Clark County School District  

 “Although it may sound simple, successful interaction between a student and a teacher is where true education reform takes place. Over the past eight years, Nevada PIE has been leading community efforts to empower teachers and schools with tools and skills to improve the student-teacher relationship and plant the seeds of education reform. I’m proud to be a part of this positive reform in our public school system.” Punam Mathur, Executive Director, Elaine Wynn and Family Foundation

   “Nevada PIE is doing an amazing job of providing schools with expanded strategies and resources to help all students fulfill their potential, and I am happy to devote my time and energy to furthering this important endeavor. When we can see each child as an individual, and celebrate each child’s strengths and abilities, we will all be richer for it in our community.” Sandy Miller, former First Lady of Nevada  

 “Everyone, at some time, has felt excluded by not understanding something that seems simple to others. Inclusive education is about bringing different approaches to all learners so that everyone is always included in all conversations. I can think of no other group in Nevada that has made such a systemic change in how we accomplish inclusive education!”  Tom Pierce, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, UNLV Department of Educational and Clinical Studies  

Upcoming Programs


Coming Soon- 

The 2019 Inclusive Practices Symposium is scheduled for October 19th on UNLV's campus (Carlson Education Building). Registration is available on ELMS and is limited to 200 teachers.

Sponsorship Opportunities


 For more information, please contact Stacey Allen at 702-496-4564 or    

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